Baking Pizza – Sticking Problems

What causes a pizza to stick to a pan?  The most common reason is the dough itself; however, this is not the only cause.  Getting sauce or cheese on the pan is another culprit.  Take the pizza off with a spatula the best you can.  It will still taste great.   To remove the remnants stuck to the pan just soak in warm water with a bit of dish soap for an hour or so, and everything should come...


Choosing The Right Pizza Pan

Crown Cookware has four categories of pizza pans in various designs.1- Traditional Crown Cookware solid pizza pans2- Traditional Crown Cookware “Perfection” perforated pizza pans,3- Deep Dish Crown Cookware solid pizza pans with a wall of one to two inches deep4- Black Crown Cookware Pizza Genius Pans, Like no other pan, we developed in the 90s. The Traditional Crown Cookware solid pizza pan, offers a gentler bake when rolling out the pre-proofed dough, decorating, and placing directly in the oven. You...


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