David P. Vella

David P. Vella

Managing Director

A Canadian born to Maltese immigrant parents, David was raised with a traditional work ethic and ‘make no excuse’ defence. Swimming against the current of ‘get a good job and settle’ attitude of the time, he instead opted to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit that led him to start up Crown Cookware.

Being mechanically inclined since he can remember, David loves to get his hands dirty working on machine development, setup planning and execution, product development, and general repairs, and those interests remain true to this day. He views the factory as a living entity whereby all the systems and components must work together in harmony to the benefit of her people (employees), product quality, and foremost, the customers.

While working full-time and growing Crown, he attained his Business Admin degree from York University in 1989. This formal education was an extension to the business sense and training he had received from his father, Paul. David continues to educate himself in manufacturing, cooking and baking, and business through various means especially books and online courses. David LOVES pizza, like no other food in the world. Baking Pizza at home, in the oven or on the BBQ, for family and friends. He loves to experiment with different pans from around the world and develop products based on his research.  

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