Sean Grant

Sean Grant

E-Commerce Manager

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland; he came to Canada and began to work at Amazon. Where he worked his way up to the leading Amazon Problem Solver and ICQA auditor in their primary Brampton location. Back home he had worked in the offices of Irelands largest grocery retailer. In combination with his Amazon experience, this gives him a knack for analytical work and a calculated insight makes for a set of unique problem-solving skills.

His life has brought him around the globe, from Europe to Asia and now to North America. He is a multi-lingual jack of all trades thanks to his training and he is also a fully qualified IT, support specialist. He began his journey here at Crown in fulfillment and logistics. As the skills he learned grew alongside Crown’s presence on e-commerce and social media, he has since transitioned to the position of E-Commerce and Social Media Manager. Working hand-in-hand with our fulfillment, marketing, and sales team he has manned the front lines of our journey into Amazon, Walmart, and social media.

Sean does not like contemporary sports, but he does enjoy cooking and has a keen interest in BBQing. He loves music especially Synthwave and LoFi.

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