Tray Racks

High Quality Aluminum Racks

Racks are a simple and inexpensive way to add efficiency to your kitchen. They are our standard racks accommodate a variety of trays sizes but are most commonly used for 18 x 26-inch bun pans. They come in either a riveted, knockdown or welded fully assembled construction. Riveted racks are recommended for maximum weight loads of 200 pounds. Welded racks, on the other hand, can hold as much as 1500 pounds on a single unit. Welded racks can also be ordered with high-temperature casters, allowing the entire rack to roll into your oven. Riveted racks are shipped ‘knockdown’ for freight efficiency and are quick and easy to assemble. Welded racks come fully assembled except for our new mid-weight line of welded “knock-down racks.” Both varieties are made of aluminum for strength, durability and easy mobility due to its lightweight. Crown racks offer the best in overall design and utility. We apply modern manufacturing to produce all our racks with consistently high-quality and reliability.

What makes Crown Racks Special?

Heavy-duty built

Crown’s racks are built to last.The heavy-duty tubing provides strength and durability that you can rely on. The tubing gives the rivets something to dig right into and secure each pan slide to the rack.


The racks allow for quick and smooth operation and trouble-free performance. They are also easy to ship and assemble with a full 20 slide capacity for maximum efficiency, thus, you have more trays in less space.

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