Bakeware for baking perfection Crafted from finest quality Aluminum, for perfect, evenly-baked masterpieces every time.

Premium Bakeware trusted by the Professionals

There’s a good reason why professionals use Crown Bakeware in their kitchens and bakeries — consistent results. Made from pure food grade virgin aluminum, our bakeware is resistant to denting and produce great baking results. Additionally, we only use heavy-gauge material and designs refined over the years to ensure high durability and consistency for delivering the expected outcome every time. Crown offers the largest selection and size variation of bakeware among Canadian manufacturers.

Designed for baking layer cakes and wedding cakes, our pans are typically available in 2 or 3-inch depth and in a variety of diameters. Cake pans can also be custom made to your requirements. Simple changes in material thickness or height can be done on orders as small as 50 pieces. Use the best pans and get the perfect bake every time.



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